Berlin Südkreuz

mawidesign was able to support the agency beMATES Creative with various illustrative and iconographic implementations for the redesign of the Berlin Südkreuz S-Bahn city railway station. We developed supplementary elements for the overall concept at various touchpoints inside and outside the station building drawing on the meta-level of wayfinding developed by beMATES Creative.

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mawidesign has developed a motif for the co-waiting area in the Ringbahnhalle that matches the overall ›Urban Jungle‹ concept and adorns the glass panes. The illustration of leaves and branches attracts attention from afar. The outer covering goes hand in hand with the design of the waiting area inside: Lots of greenery from plants and furniture elements combine with wood to create a sheltered place for travelers to linger during their stopover. 

The waiting shelters on the platforms are also showcased with this motif. The monochrome color concept underscores the station's color code and plays with color gradations of the respective color of the platform. The numbers shine in the bright color of the platform and are complemented by berries in a shaded, muted hue. A calm overall picture is achieved that runs through the lower area in reference to the co-waiting area in the Ringbahnhalle.

We developed a set of icons to support the color coding and wayfinding system, which can be found at various points within the station. This also helps travelers to find their way around.

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