Deutsche Bahn — Betriebshäuschen

In collaboration with bemates creative, the former conductor houses at the stations S Mehrower Allee and S Karow got a visual renewal. The conceptual ideas are originated in the stations histories and urban sourroundings, individually implemented for each location.

Illustration.Public Space Design


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Deutsche Bahn

Marzahn is one of the greener areas in Berlin with high percentage of single-family homes. Not only the terrain of the ›Internationale Gartenausstellung‹ and the famous ›Gärten der Welt‹ are located there, also the river Wuhle and a nature reserve are running through the area. In contrast the remarkable architecture and history are shaping the surroundings. As visual translation we take both characteristics and bring them together: Abstract, illustrated fragments of nature play around historical photographs. A bold and playful appearance.

The ›Karower Teiche‹ are a picturesque natural reserve close to the S-Station Karow and our inspiration for the visual design. We created a modular system in which the fragments can be put together to create an individual pattern. With this mix + match principle the surfaces come alive and the pattern can even be adapted to other touchpoints within the train station. 

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