Logofolio No. 1

This is a selected collection of small branding projects. Get a glimpse of a pastry identity, a different kind of hookha bar and take a look at the logo of an expert for fragrances. Enjoy!

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Atemzug › Heissam Younes, Yasin Franke
Flour & Frost › Rachel Harding
Vera Talarek

The founders of Atemzug established a new kind of hookah bar. With its concept and presentation — which include a cozy, inviting atmosphere and tasty treats — the bar looks to distinguish itself from the hookah bar cliché present in many of Germany’s larger cities.

The branding concept focuses on cosmopolitan elegance. The bold typographic transfer of the wordmark, which is drawn with little flourishes that recall wisps of hookah smoke, brings the bar’s energy to life. The overall look and feel draws on many different textures, creating an effect that is both atmospheric and eye-catching.
The project included brand positioning, brand strategy, logo design as well as the creation of business touchpoints and a look-book.

The cakes and sweets from flour&frost captivate with both their ingredients and presentation. The baked goods are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate and capture the lifestyle of the modern city dweller.

The aspects where brought out in the brand conceptualization. It was important to capture and visualize the high-quality and passion behind the products, as well as their cosmopolitan flair, within the branding. The project included the conceptualization of the brand identity, the packaging as well as of business touchpoints. Further assets are in the works.

There’s an automated process, generating emotions and awaking memories, when we smell something specific or while we listen to a story told. Our illusions are shaped and we find ourselves in a different state. The corporate design creates ›emotional worlds‹. Soft, almost weightless elements - our molecules - are the main character of the branding. They are applied in different ways on various media. 

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