Ninki Nanka — Deli Couture

A new franchise concept in the form of an innovative deli needs to be created! An holistic brand and interior concept was developed in several brand workshops together with the client. mawidesign was commissioned to visualize the overall concept from scratch. mawidesign then created a graphical world for pinsa, mashed potatoes and good coffee beginning with naming and texting, through branding to various online and offline media, as well as packaging and interior systems.

Print.Branding.Web + Interface Design.Packaging.Naming


Deli Couture GmbH

Ronny Kind


The name should reflect the conceptual arrangement of the restaurant: Unique ambience, coolness factor, otherness and yet staying in tune with the times. The idea was to clearly distance the company from its competitors on the market. And so we immersed ourselves in the magic of mythical creatures and paired this with a logo of dynamically dancing letters as a reference to the innovative and always flexible gastronomy concept, which – like the water surrendering to the waves – is dedicated to an innovative and trendy gastronomic culture.

Abstract shapes have been used as graphic elements to emphasize the tonality of the brand. The shapes, which are not quite within easy grasp and have no clear symbolism, are stylized plant leaves that refer to the interior concept. The look and feel is playfully used together with the typographic use and the color palette in the application media and flows consistently through all media.

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