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The German ITI promotes mutual understanding of the world's theater cultures. It promotes the freedom of artistic expression and the preservation and development of the cultural diversity of theatrical forms of expression and production. In cooperation with the other ITI centers and artistic partners, its range of tasks extends to information work, consulting and organization.

Following jointly held brand workshops, a clear strategy and realignment of the brand image were developed for the ITI based on the generated core values. A complete rebranding was undertaken as well as various online and offline media created.

Print.Branding.Web + Interface Design.Design System.Editorial


Internationales Theaterinstitut Deutschland

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The brand idea is conveyed as a visual spotlight, which creates the contextual reference to a (theatrical) performance and addresses the platform idea at the same time. The stage – understood here in the actual and figurative sense – is brought to life by directing attention to the appropriate content. The activity and working together – symbolized here by dynamic energy and movement – play a major role in the visual revised version. This takes account of the execution as a flexible brand system.

The word mark acts as a central element. Our brand idea is used by being an integral part of it. The spotlight latches on to it and sets the focus in the intended direction by staging the medium and format. This creates a versatile approach that, depending on the application, produces a lively interplay of surfaces and typography and promotes complexity and liveliness in the various media.

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