Logofolio No. 2

This is a selected collection of small branding identities. A showcase of visual identities made for a fashion brand for kids, an abstract artist and a photographer based in Madrid. Enjoy discovering those brands.



Glück & Stern › Vivien Seltmann
Franziska Raffaël
maese nemo › Andrés Buritíca

Branding concept for Glück + Stern, a Berlin-Based Eco Kids Fashion brand. With a bold logo and the creation of a pattern system whose elements are flexible enough to be extended in shape and design. Design and of business equipment and packaging design.

Having worked in the field of abstract art since 2019, Franziska Raffaël is a newcomer to the art scene. She uses acrylic on canvas, employing different layers to give her artworks depth and texture.

mawidesign supported the artist with some branding which was carried over to touch points such as business cards, postcards and various media for her first exhibition. More things to come!

Andrés Buriticá is a Madrid-based photographer and storyteller. He works in the areas of travel photography, portraits and advertising, where his refined sense for capturing both the right moment and setting for his subjects shines through.


The overarching branding idea of ‹coming into focus› refers to the foundation for photography and context. The ‹focus point› serves as a graphic reference point to complete the logo. The use of this reference point as a central graphic element throughout the different touchpoints brings the branding to life.

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