Berliner Teamevents

Berliner Teamevents serves as both a competent and experienced partner for companies looking for solutions around team experiences. The tailored activities are central meeting points that bring people together outside of the office to further strengthen their communication and commitment at work.

The project entailed a refresh of the branding and the UX design as well as a new conceptualization of the website and further touchpoints. Through the refresh, the brand was optimized and visually brought further in line with the services the company offers. Dynamism and growth play an important role in the brand implementation and refer to the Berliner Teamevent activities and their integral concept of togetherness. With its representation of many abstract elements coming together, the illustrative layer plays with the idea of the ‹human aspect› which so central to Berliner Teamevents’ work.

Take a look at the website here.

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Berliner Teamevents

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