Created during the Covid pandemic, the Kulturpflanzen Festival has been a series of events repeated every year since 2020. Various artists transform gardens, courtyards and meadows into a backdrop for their professional arts. The program features an entertaining range of magic revue, mask theater, juggling and musical theater. At the start of the 2021 Festival, mawidesign was commissioned to execute the branding, the website and event media. As such, mawidesign took care of the entire show from the concept to the design to production. 

Print.Branding.Web + Interface Design.Illustration


Katharina Witerzens

Ronny Kind

Martin Menzel

Laura Gliesche | stadtgoeren.de

The basic idea for its visual execution is a symbolic reference to a postage stamp. This is understood internationally, it works without needing language, has a symbolic character and serves the purpose of not having to stay in one place but transporting something to another place. This is also how the Kulturpflanzen Festival does things, in which performances take place at various locations and the performing arts are more or less brought out into the world. However, the stamp is not only used to send something, but it also serves as a favorite collector’s item and therefore has an additional emotional and symbolic value.

A flexible design system was created that toys with photography and illustrations and can be applied to various media. One color from the corporate design is changed every year. The media are also bathed appropriately in their annual combination of colors.

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