LaPoesia — Spectacle at the Circus Wagon is a new theatrical model that represents cultural innovation. It was created as the result of a rethink and new approach to existing cultural formats, the required reorientation during the pandemic — and the love of fine art. Katharina Witerzens from Celle creates new room for maneuver for living culture with this concept. The heart of this project is a circus wagon that makes it possible to create an attractive theatrical backdrop at all locations in a flexible and uncomplicated manner.

Print.Branding.Web + Interface Design.Illustration


Katharina Witerzens

Ronny Kind

Martin Menzel | Christian Hofmeister

Like in an antique shop, La Poesia adds a touch of nostalgia to our modern world. For one moment, let’s immerse ourselves in a magic world that lets us forget time and with every glance we discover something new, familiar and touching. We bask in our memories — the supposedly familiar or the imaginably stranger ones. The feeling of browsing, perceiving and finding treasure is the basic idea behind the antique trade. Creating something new from old, reinterpreting it and bringing it into the world of now is the guiding principle behind the conceptual idea for La Poesia.

Based on the distinctive and individual typefaces of old circus posters, the logo was set in an antique-looking but bold modern font. The star as the dot on the i and the signet allude to the nostalgic, slightly dreamlike character of the antiquarian idea and produce an easily enchanting and magical effect for the viewer. The signet also serves as a design element in the individual applications and becomes a playful item of brand recognition within the media.

The corporate design is also brought to life with a set of design elements, in the form of symbolic graphics and other nostalgic elements.

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