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This is a selected collection of small illustrative projects. You’ll see a set of illustrative Riso cards, a motley Christmas Mailing and some private commissioned illustrations. Take a look.



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Customers and partners will receive a set of illustrative Riso cards at the end of 2022: To keep, use or pass on as a gift. The motifs refer to ›Christmas‹ and the general feeling of this time of the year without using explicit motifs, so that the cards can also be used independently of a season. Risography is an extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable printing technique. Every risoprint is unique. The manufacturing process creates small variations in color application and accuracy of fit. Some colors cannot be displayed in the product images as they actually look in reality. However, the colors look very bright and radiant ›for real‹.





For beMATES Creative, this vibrantly colorful and inspiring Christmas mailing was illustrated and animated. The messages they contain are intended to wish customers and partners wonderful year-end celebrations and give them a motivated start to the New Year.

This is a small selection of privately requested illustrations that were intended as a gift to make other people happy.

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