Zalando Kickstarter

The purpose of Kick-Starter Week is for participants to step out of their normal day-to-day and be a founder to prove that an idea is not just a good idea but an idea that we can make work for our customers and partners.


The concept idea of the keyvisual centers around ›finding oppurtunities‹, a call to action for an individual journey, a space for growth and development. Sticking to the idea of guidance, but expressed in a modern and flexible way to match the future-driven idea of ›Kick-Starter Week‹. The keyvisual is our main element. Curved lines throughout the identity work their way through it and around it. The lively process of prototyping, measuring, and iterating during Kick-Starter Week is transformed into a visual.



Zalando SE

Animation › Geo Schuler

A constant change, challenge and re-interpretation of the line elements within the keyvisual deliver the spirit and character of Kick-Starter Week. There’s always a different solution to an approach. The abstract lines vizualize movement by specific shaping and arrangement.

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